I’ve got three words for you, Seasonal Affective Disorder.
I’m a big time sufferer of the SADs, I have been for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the steaming hot Northern Territory I didn’t have to worry about why I felt sad when the sunshine went away but getting older, visiting more beautiful places I noticed I was majorly affected if it was a chilly cloudy day. I’d instantly write that destination down as “no good” all because the rays wouldn’t come out and play. Which I know is incredibly close minded and judgmental.
Moving to the Sunshine Coast, it’s sunny 90% of the year (my made up scientific stats) it’s a great place to reside if you love sunshine, salty air, and low-key living.
I want to try and conquer my SADs though; I’m a massive believer in healing yourself mentally and naturally.
Although doctors are great for some needs and people, I never want to rely on medication (Band-Aid effect, also my own scientific made up phrase) to hide the issue away letting it fester resulting in multiple problems.
Conquering problems mentally while extremely challenging is also extremely rewarding. You’ll unlock a new area to yourself and be so amazed at the capabilities of your mind and body.
So, having a far away partner based in South Australia (lovely, cold) state. It has become my challenge when visiting him that I find the beauty in the rain, the freezing temperatures, the continuously cloudy weather.
Challenge hesitantly accepted.
To Be Continued.

Ps, Do not watch an exotic movie such as Moana when sitting through a windy, cold blizzard.

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