I’m a great advocate for Australia. Getting asked regularly asked why I don’t explore more overseas? Why don’t I fly to Japan and do “the snow” experience for cheaper or go to Bali for cheap tropical holidays? While I love the overseas experience, I LOVE my home country so much more. I’m grateful every single day for being a citizen of Australia.
I think we have the most diverse country; we have every type of weather and terrain you could imagine.
Tropical islands, with famous reefs and fantastic sea creatures. Substantial vast deserts, let’s not forget about the iconic Uluru.
We have snowy mountains to the south and rivers filled with crocs to the north.
We have the whitest sands to the west coast and the most stunning hinterland region to the east coast.
You name it, we have! With our incredible cultures and laid back attitude, I love and crave exploring Australia!
Just kilometres from your backyard you probably have a great hidden gem that you are yet to discover. I urge all Aussie’s to get out and adventure!
Why else would tourists flock here?

Earlier this year, July to be precise I jumped in my car in the sunniest of coasts (Sunshine Coast) and headed south to the snow!
It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a very teeny tot. I had never been to the snow, and I finally thought… what’s stopping me? I typed “Jindabyne” into my GPS (Apparently Jindabyne was the place to be) and headed off.
Long story short, the snow is insane! Snowy Mountains are amazing! Being blown away that it is part of Australia! It felt like I was in Switzerland.
I was so proud that I finally ventured to the snow and it kickstarted my bucket list, but not just any list this is my Aussie Bucket List, adventures I HAVE to do before I don’t have the chance.

• Climb the harbour bridge 
• Explore Western Australia in a campervan
• Swim with Crocs 
• Swim with Great White sharks 
• Explore FNQ in a campervan
• Visit Alice Springs 
• Ride in a hot air balloon 
• Swim with whales 
• Explore Kangaroo Island in a campervan
• Visit Coober Pedy
• Explore Tasmania in a campervan
• Surf 
• Climb the Glasshouse Mountains, QLD
• Swim in the Figure 8 rockpools, NSW
• Become a free diver
• Swim with whale sharks
To be continued.

What’s in your A B L ?!


Written by our resident travel blogger @pondofsunshine

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